Goblin Slayer Episode 7
Onward Unto Death sub

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Aired 4 weeks ago
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u/wiratnokenny · 3 weeks ago
guess next episode will be Goblin Slayed Eps 8
u/ShadowPixelator · 3 weeks ago
Oi guys, the last minute with the canary eye is meant to be the credits, translators just stuffed up. It wasn't rushed and it wasn't wasted, do a little research before commenting on the internet please.
u/Restifik · 3 weeks ago
that last minute is really wasted
u/dojampau · 4 weeks ago
u/enyeazhar · 4 weeks ago
This feels like 5 minutes lol and moreover what does that ending even means 😂
u/AinzOoalgown · 3 weeks ago
feels like the last minute they ran out of shit to show, or smth like that :/
u/Mimoji · 2 weeks ago
They have a cave troll!!
u/Cosmic · 3 weeks ago
That last minute wasnt wasted it was intricate mythological symbolism for the fleeting nature of life and out ultimate vulnerability of beings, the caged canarys eye reflected the scene of the main characters seeming death, as his team mourns for him after the fierce battle. Its jam packed.
u/Thunderstorm1987 · 3 weeks ago
Goblin slayer please don't die
u/Juvia · 3 weeks ago
WTF. Is that last min come on. 〒_〒.