Sword Art Online: Alicization Episode 4
Departure sub

4.5 (232 votes)
Aired 1 month ago
Updated December 14, 2018 · 15.9k Views · by u/MeowMix


u/nyxqueen · 1 month ago
lmao i was watching with low quality then it updated hahahah
u/MeowMix · 1 month ago
Usually it takes 10-15mins after posting
u/xSkyer · 1 month ago
Thanks for adding anime in 1080p. Do they even broadcast the most popular anime in higher resolution?
u/MeowMix · 1 month ago
Yep theyre in 1080p
u/ShiroAngel · 1 month ago
adventure Will be start to here
u/CF7ELL · 1 month ago
The combat animation was amazing!
u/Loner · 1 month ago
Am i still the only one yet here..
u/Faabulus · 1 month ago
One word... Epic
u/7559251412 · 1 month ago
I love it 😍😍
u/Loner · 1 month ago
Dope fight scene, decent adaptation but the part in the LN that was cut feels.. Nvm.
u/iambeta · 1 month ago
Guess they left out that annoying guy who's suppose to question Eugeo's desicion
u/AaronB · 1 month ago
What days is SAO on tv
u/tohka0913 · 1 month ago
Alright another to wait.... 😆😆