Sword Art Online: Alicization Episode 9
Nobleman's Responsibilities sub

4.5 (232 votes)
Aired 1 week ago
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u/Colour_Tears · 1 week ago
The end left me a bit surprised, didn't expect that at all. Gotta throw in a bit of romance I guess.
u/Nauid · 1 week ago
Not going to spoil the nest episode. But, if you feel for the plight of others and the 1st and 2nds arrogance annoys you. Taboo Index is going to piss you off so have a funny chill video or something ready for after the episode.
u/Nauid · 1 week ago
It makes the sao Christmas episode feel like a birthday party. (where the cats guild gets killed in the dungeon.)
u/mhetz · 1 week ago
please liven up the comment section guys
u/Manjou · 1 week ago
This ep could be called Nobel's obligations
u/Hazard · 1 week ago
Well, that was depressing.
u/ZyCrax_Nara · 1 week ago
I guess that they just had to add some romance xD
u/ancasper2204 · 1 week ago
the last scene tho interesting lol
u/Ski1775 · 1 week ago
A bit of a boring episode; not really a filler and it sets up for some drama/foreshadowing, but I would be living if I said I liked these waiting games