Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken Episode 5
Hero King, Gazel Dwargo sub

4.8 (303 votes)
Aired 1 month ago
Updated December 14, 2018 · 16.1k Views · by u/MeowMix


u/pumpkin-knights · 1 month ago
Aaahh!! Such an amazing anime!! I could just die of happiness!!! ❤❤❤
u/iambeta · 1 month ago
The ending credits is different!
u/BlackPanda · 1 month ago
I cant get enough of this anime, i need the eps to be an hour long lol
u/Astral · 1 month ago
poor poor gobuta
u/Yuki · 1 month ago
And just like that gobuta was once again as usual forgotten
u/mhetz · 1 month ago
Please make animeultima great again
u/MeowMix · 1 month ago
We're doing our best ;)
u/Darach · 1 month ago
You're already doing a stellar job, great to see you back. Thanks for all the hard work over the years <3
u/MeowMix · 1 month ago
Thanks! Stick around and we got a lot of stuff coming :)
u/Sunny649 · 1 month ago
"won't forget" khuh....? ... Yea...... ^^"
u/Satan · 1 month ago
He forgot Gob again ;-;
u/CF7ELL · 1 month ago
And Gobuta was once again forgotten x)